Meet the cast and crew behind Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest, airing fall 2020 (check your local listings for air times in your area).

Bonded by a love of the great outdoors and the wild ingredients native our lands, the team members behind Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest are each exceptional talents in their respective industries.  They bring decades of experience in foraging, outdoorsmanship, culinary arts, and filmmaking. As a result, they turn the exploration of wild ingredients and locations into a masterclass of survival skills, culinary creativity and stunning visuals that bring these experiences to life.

Learn more about each of these amazing talents and their journeys into the wild harvest.


Les Stroud is an award-winning producer, director and host of over 100 documentaries, including his groundbreaking series, Survivorman.

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Chef Paul Rogalski, a renowned gastronomic leader at one of the top ranked Canadian restaurants, finds inspiration in his surrounding environment every day.

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Kevin Kossowan is a filmmaker and creator of the 2-time James Beard Foundation Awards nominated series, From the Wild, and an avid outdoorsman.

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Looking for more outdoors and wild edible content?  Check out Les Stroud’s Survivorman, Chef Paul’s website, and Kevin Kossowan’s From the Wild.

Want to try your hand at recreating Chef Paul’s recipes from the show?  Download your favourite recipe and have yourself a Wild Harvest feast at home.