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Travel with Les Stroud and Chef Paul Rogalski on a foraging and culinary journey through the wilds of North America. Experience breathtaking landscapes, learn about unexpected wild edibles, and witness the wild harvest become extraordinary and delicious cuisine. 

Explore with Les, as he shares his wisdom and takes you on an adventure, foraging and gathering wild edible ingredients in rugged terrain and places closer to home than you might imagine. Learn from how to recognize the culinary possibilities around you and find your own wild harvest.  

Follow along with Chef Paul as he discovers the tastes and textures of curious and sometimes peculiar ingredients and takes on a culinary challenge in each episode.  With his years of experience and culinary training, a little ingenuity and just a dash of luck, Paul creates remarkable and unique dishes featuring unknown and surprising ingredients. 

Outdoor and culinary enthusiasts will learn how to harvest and cook with ingredients like Cattail, Wild Radish, Walking Stick Kelp, Milkweed, Wild Turkey, Wild Mint, Pine Mushrooms and Mussels. 

Follow along each week with stories and recipes from each episode.



  • Executive Producer: Les Stroud
  • Producers: Les Stroud, Kevin Kossowan 
  • Culinary Executive Producer: Paul Rogalski
  • Directors: Les Stroud, Kevin Kossowan
  • Editor: Kevin Kossowan, Chris Franchetto
  • Supervising Editor: Les Stroud
  • Camera: Kevin Kossowan, Les Stroud
  • Music: Kevin Kossowan, Les Stroud, Peter Cliche, Ian Auger, George Cattapan
  • Theme Music: Les Stroud, Kevin Kossowan, David Bateman
  • Sound Edit And Mix: Brian Eimer, Images In Sound
  • Scripting: Les Stroud, Paul Rogalski
  • Plant Consultants: Fiona Hamersley Chambers, Robert Rogers, Adam Larue, Chell Fireheart, Lance Podolski
  • Production Manager/Business Affairs: Wendy Turner
  • Production Co-Ordinator: Lauren Saunders
  • Stills Photography: Kevin Kossowan, Logan Stroud, Antonio Melendez, Paul Rogalski
  • Transcription: Raylan Jamison
  • Closed Captioning: Evelyne Kossowan
  • Guest Chef: Joy Cyr
  • Location Fixers: Adam Larue, Brent Bellows, Brad Bellows, Rouge Restaurant, Tony Armstrong, Linda Armstrong
  • Underwriting Producer: Jon Michaels 
  • Legal: Diana Cafazzo
  • Web Design: Rheannon Green

Special Thanks To

American Public Television, Tom Davison
WGCU Amy Shumaker, Toby Cooke 
Ron Stinson
Spirit Wares (Plateware)
Medium Rare Chef Apparel (Chef Apparel)


There is no replacement for learning, gaining experience and knowledge that will give you confident accuracy on wild edibles. You must know where to gather legally, use accurate reference books and most importantly it is best find a good experienced and knowledgeable local forager and take a course with them, so you’ll be confident in your own wild harvest.

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